Welcome to Black Student Success at UCR!

My name is Victor Moreira, and I’m the Coordinator for Black Student Success at UCR. Black Student Success at UCR works closely with African Student Programs (ASP) to ensure that needs, concerns, and aspirations of Black Scholars at the undergraduate and graduate level are heard and addressed. We aim to incorporate the voices of UCR’s Black Scholars in all the actions we take to ensure that we are mindful of their dynamic realities and unique experiences.

What We Do

Black student Success at UCR does the following:

  • Engage with Black Scholars at the undergraduate and graduate level to ensure that they are accessing the full breadth of academic resources, professional development resources, social-cultural development resources, and wellness resources UCR has to offer.
  • Advocate for Black Scholars on all matters pertaining to their overall wellbeing and comprehensive college experience.
  • Collaborate with key UCR staff and faculty to create and facilitate programming practices, and opportunities that utilize the Anti-Deficit Framework to ensure that the needs and aspirations of Black Scholar are both heard and addressed.
  • Collect and analyze critical data that will inform UCR on the challenge points and areas of success Black Scholars are encountering.

The Goals...

The goals for the collective set of actions taken by Black Student Success are to...

  • Graduate Black Scholars that are ready to serve as agents of change in their respective communities and society at large.
  • Improve the 4-year and 6-year graduate rates for our Black Scholars at the undergraduate level.
  • Improve the retention rates for Black Scholars at the undergraduate level.
  • Help maintain a campus environment that allows Black Scholars to flourish in and outside of the classroom.